Natasha In The Dark Place Part 1 (English Vers)

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There has been a bomb blast at a five-star hotel in the center of Moscow, Russia. The hotel that has becoming the pride of the Russian people exploded at two o’clock in the morning. Some security officials are still investigating the exact cause of the bomb blast that took place at the Ararat Park Hyatt, Russia. Supposedly, this bombing was deliberately detonated by spies from the United States. However, the hotel’s staff itself has not given a definite answer regarding the allegation. Even so, people from all over the world did not seem overly sympathetic to the disasters that have occurred in cities with the world’s largest trafficking crime rates….


Janice pressed the off button on the television remote, placed it back to its original place. She then spread the red blanket over the body of a man who was asleep on the couch. Wiping her sweat, Janice resumed her previous delayed work. She walked with light steps into the kitchen and quickly completed the task of cooking and cleaning the house. Janice does all the works very slowly and carefully, she was afraid to wake the man who was asleep on the couch.


At half-past seven Janice had readied in her school uniform and a backpack that hung on her shoulders. She walked into the living room and did not find his brother there. The doe-eyed girl shrugged her shoulders lightly and immediately made her way toward the dining table that is being one with the kitchen.

“Hi big brother,  good morning.” called Janice cheerfully. The young girl sat herself in one of the chairs and immediately took the food she had cooked this morning. Her brother who was still busy with his coffee just throwing a glance at Janice sligthly, and then he also sat himself across the seat taken by Janice.

“How is school? Is all well? “Bobby asked as he spooned mashed potatoes into his mouth. Janice smiled beatifically towards Bobby and nodded vigorously.

“All is well. Next week I will be graduated. I understand if big brother forget about it and still think of me as a small immature crybaby, but just so you know, I’ll soon be graduating from senior high school and I’m going to go back to school to pursue higher degrees or work. I will not trouble you again. From now on I will try to learn to live independently,” stated Janice full of conviction. Bobby smiled crookedly through his soup bowl. The man was silent for a while, but in the end he opened his mouth as well.

“I know you certainly can live independently and earn more money for your life.”

“Our live,” corrected Janice as she cleared the dishes. When she finished washing all the dishes, Janice immediately grabbed her backpack and told Bobby that she was off to school.

“I’m off. Take care of yourself, brother. Do not tire yourself with work. I love you, “ Janice ended it with a brief kiss to Bobby’s cheek. The man rubbed his cheek with a handkerchief after Janice ran to the front door of his apartment. After Janice left, Bobby goes to her room and took the phone that he put on top of the bedside table. While walking towards Janice’s room, Bobby seems to be contacting someone.

“Hello, I’m going to pay all of my debts as soon as possible,” said Bobby with a horrible grin in front of a large photograph belongs to Janice.




“Sir, we’ve done what you commanded.”

“Nice. Make sure all the women return safely to their country. ”

“Yes Sir.”

Daren leaned back on the back of the sofa. He massaged his temples slowly and then closed his tired eyes. Today he has to finish his work that literally is in three countries. All of that is not really easy for Daren Alden, but he could not simply ignore all of his work.

“Hey, are you still here?”

A not so unfamiliar voice disturb Daren’s composure a little. He snorted, annoyed, and opened his eyes slowly.

“What’s the matter Pete? I’m tired,” said Daren lazily. Peter came forward and sat himself next to Daren.

“I’m just as tired as you. You know, I have to clean up all the mess you made. “Peter moaned as he leaned against the back of the sofa. Daren sipped his wine then face Peter.

“I paid you dearly for it. So do not complain!” Daren snapped. Peter stared idly at Daren and take Daren’s glass of wine on the table, then he drank all of it contents.

“How long are you going to become a Robin Hood, hmm?” Asked Peter with a mocking face. Daren scowled, annoyed, and throw Peter’s face with a pillow sofa next to it.

“Until trafficking vanished from this earth.”

“Jeez, dude. Don’t you know that criminal trafficking will continue to thrive in this earth. No matter how often we cut the roots, it will grow anew, more powerful and terrible,” replied Peter sounding frustrated.

“I will not give up Pete. Any new information? I heard after the fire at Ararat Park Hyatt hotel some of the most influential men in the brothels there immediately send their packages of women to the Czech?”asked Daren seriously while observing his tab.

“I thought they immediately send all of their women packages because they are being asked by a mafia syndicate in the Czech. That Russian brothel would not care about their dead boss at Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel. There’s definitely a new boss now who replaced their old boss, after all the last brothel boss had become very old and ugly. He deserved to be dead. ”

“We have to clean up those mafia quickly. Did the local authorities suspect the bomb blast that occurred at Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel?” asked Daren again while putting the tabs on the desk in front of him.

“No. Of course they will not suspect it, because I made them suspecting the American Government. If the American government denied it, they would conclude that it was a suicide attempt of a terrorist. Easy, no one would ever know about our movement,” said Peter proudly.

“That’s good, then that left me with taking care of those women.”

“You’re going to send them all home?”

“Not all of them, I will send some of them to Netherlands to work in a cheese factory and my wheat field. I think the women would still get a good job without having to have sex all day long. ”

“What about wine factory of yours in France, aren’t that factory understaffed?”

“Indeed, my plan is to send some of the women trafficking victims whom are in the Czech Republic to France. Just now I get the information from my spy if the brothels of China today send a hundred women to the Czech Republic today. After this they would all be freed and be sent to France. ”

“What about their boss?”

“I’ve killed him, and my spy has taken over the brothel business.”

Peter clapped his hand, amazed, and patted Daren’s shoulder proudly.

“You did great, I’m very proud to have a friend like you. But why don’t you take one of them for you as a date? I believe that those trafficking victims are mostly beautiful women,” teased Peter with a sneer. Daren got up and opened the curtains covering the room’s window. From where he stood, Daren could see the sparkling city of London at night. Although the time shown that it is already midnight, however, the scenery down there is still as crowded as they are in the morning and day.

“I’m not interested in those women. I could not have a relationship with a woman who is a trafficking victims. They are totally not my type,” Daren replied frostily and flatly. Peter breathed roughly, then he left his friend’s room. It would be very annoying if after that conversation he have to hear a series of sarcasm and cynical words thrown by his friend, so he better get himself out of the room before his friend getting more annoying with his mean words.


Janice lightly walking toward the bus stop near her apartment. It takes ten minutes by bus from her residence to school. Janice stood with the other passengers in the bus stop. Janice smiled beatifically when the red bus she was waiting for finally arrived. She and several other passengers immediately stand in line to boarding the bus.

“Janice, over here.”

A voice called Janice to get closer to the owner. Janice waved her arms excitedly and immediately came to the blonde girl who had called her.

“Ruby, what a coincidence we met here. Have you determined which university you want to choose?” asked Janice, righting her sitting position. Ruby nodded happily and took a piece of paper out of her bag.

“I got a scholarship from Yale University,”  Said Ruby delightedly. Janice smiled happily and hugged her friend, touched.

“Well congratulations, you’re so smart,” praised Janice sincerely.

“You’re smarter than me Janice. How about you, have you chosen which universities would suit you the most? ”

Janice shook her head and smiled lightly.

“No, I decided to work first. After I earned a lot of money, I would continue my studies in London. I’ve always really wanted to major business at Oxford. ”

“Well, you did great. I’m sure you can do it. But you can apply for scholarship, can you not?” Ruby asked, surprised. She was convinced that Janice would immediately being accepted with a full scholarship if she wanted to, because Janice is a very smart girl.

“I indeed can apply for a scholarship, but I can’t just leave my brother away. I hate having to leave him alone here. Moreover, if I’m working, my brother doesn’t need to tire himself by working in a nightclubs as a bartender from evening until morning. my brother can go home early and date a woman he like.”

“You really are very fond of your brother.” commented Ruby sadly. Rubby is very amazed by Janice. Her friend was so sincere love her brother, while Bobby was so cold to Janice. Rubby had seen with her own eyes how Bobby’s attitude towards Janice. He was indeed paid for Janice live, but he had limited the finance for Janice’s everyday needs and school. Other than that, Bobby didn’t give a thing about Janice. When Janice fell ill, Bobby never knew about it or never take her to the doctor, Rubby was always the one who would take care of Janice when she was ill or take her to the doctor. Sometimes Rubby also saw Bobby being rude to Janice and hit her if Janice made a mistake. But, even so Janice still love Bobby with all of her heart.

“Rubby, here we are.”

Rubby blinked repeatedly and immediately get off from the bus, following Janice who had already in front of her.



Bobby walked calmly toward an old building in the suburbs of Dallas. At first glance from the outside of the warehouse, it looks scary and haunted too, but inside it holds so many crimes that would never be suspected by anyone from the first time.

“I want to see the boss.” Said Bobby to the bulky man guarding the front gate of the building. The tattooed man checking Bobby briefly and allow Bobby to go in to see their boss. After passing through the front gate, Bobby stepped through a room filled with many boxes and also workers who were wiping illegal weapons. The weapons will be sent to different countries with very high price. Bobby continued to the second floor, there Bobby paused to greet his friend who was mixing drugs and heroin.

“Hey, how are you?” Bobby greeted Archer. Archer hugged Bobby and give him a can of beer.

“I’m great. How about you? I heard that you are very good at seducing women, the boss is very pleased with the number of women whom are being added each day.”

“Huh, I’m not that good, they are stupid and want to be fooled by me. They think life in this world is easy.” Bobby snorted in disgust. He opened the beer can in one pull, then Bobby gulped half of its content.

“What did you tell them?” asked Archer in wonder. In the past, Archer has also served as a crawler who trapped women that would be traded, but the result is never as much as the number that is being obtained by Bobby, therefore he is curious as to how Bobby capture his prey.

“Me, I just offered them jobs as models and a employee of companies abroad. I gave them proof cards from several well-known agencies and companies abroad. And in the end, they would voluntarily registered themselves as prey for the boss,” Bobby replied lightly. Archer smiled proudly, patting Bobby’s shoulder. He had no idea that Bobby is very cunning in running the devious tactics.

“You’re great, I thought you would not be able to capture a woman easily, considering you never  have a relationship with any woman.”

“I’m just not interested in any woman. Seems I have to meet the boss shortly. Thank you for the beer, “ said Bobby, lifting the can into the air. Archer held up his thumb and immediately returned to his work for mixing drugs.

Bobby walked away to get to the third floor of the old building. On the third floor, Bobby found dozens of women who are ready to be send to Japan tonight. Women will usually be trained to satisfy the men before they are being  sent to their customers in different parts of the world. During the training period, the women would be ordered to strip and performed a variety of sex position to the provided men at the venue. After that they would be locked back and only being fed once a day. If they disobey they will be tortured and killed on the spot. There was some cases, some women who defied and acted brave, but in the end they would be killed in front of all her friends in a way that is cruel and inhumane. That is why women trafficked never dare to run away or ask for help to others.

“Is the boss here?” asked Bobby to the man who was stationed on the third floor. That African guy nodded and let Bobby going up to the fourth floor, to their Boss’ room.


“Hello boss.” Boby greets the young man who was sucking on his cigar respectively. He looked up toward Bobby and Bobby invited to sit on a couch in the room.

“So, when are you going to pay off your debt?” asked Maxim Tran coldly. Yes, a young man who becomes the leader of a mafia syndicate and the biggest brothel in the United States is Maxim Tran. Max replaces his father because his father was killed while in the Czech five years ago. Until now Max is still investigating his father’s death wich he find very suspicious. Just imagine, Mr. Tran was hung in the middle of his hotel room without anyone knowing who had done the heinous things. After two weeks and not even one suspect were found, eventually the death of Mr. Tran closed and Mr. Tran was pronounced dead due to suicide. But Max couldn’t believe it easily. He was very sure that his father had been killed by people who are very cunning and spyligent.

“Soon. I will bring that girl to you. I bet you would like her and your customers will give her a high price,” said Bobby with certain. Max throw his cigar into an ashtray and walked toward Bobby.

“I could not wait anymore. I need money to develop my business. Bring that girl tonight. Tomorrow morning they all have to be arrived in London, and began to serve their customers. ”

“Alright, tonight I will immediately deliver it to the port. But the boss, you don’t want to train them first?”

“No, there was no time to train them. We must move quickly, because the police are starting to find our trail. ”

“All right, then I’ll go home and prepare to meet you,” Bobby bid him goodbye.

After Bobby left from his room, Max takes a photograph from his desk drawer. In the photo shows a boy and a girl who was playing a swing in a crowded city park. The girl is laughing in the photo with a boy who pushed her from the back.

“Jane, I miss you.” Max whispered hoarsely.


Daren was struggling with the files on his desk. Daren conscientiously continue to read dozens of files piled up in the corners of the table. Without complaining of tiredness, Daren still the various contracts that the company is working with the company one by one, although it can’t be denied if he indeed is exhausted.

“Dude, it’s time for lunch.”

Peter poke his head into Daren’s room. He snorted, annoyed that his friend did not respond to his words and is busy with paperwork that is worth million dollars.

“Daren, you can rest your body for a moment,” said Peter who was suddenly standing in front of Daren’s desk. Daren turned to Peter and only provide sharp gaze on Peter.

“You’re so noisy,” said Daren flat and cold. Then he returned struggling with his paperwork.

“Huh, you need to rest, even if only for a second,” nag Peter annoyed.

“You made me lose my valuable million dollars,” replied Daren crossly. He didn’t give a thing to Peter who looked like wanted to strangle him on the spot.

“Dude, I just care about you and love you. You’re my best friend and I do not want you to fall ill and troubling other people,” said Peter grouch. His breathing heavy because he was struggling to kept his anger at Daren.

“Sorry I’m straight. Save the poem for your women,” answer Daren lightly while he was still looking at his papers. Peter growled. The man strode through the door of Daren’s and slammed the door loudly. Daren laughing inwardly because he managed to make Peter angry and upset.

“Moody man,” murmured Daren with a chuckle. The man spread his hands into the air and started doing muscle stretching movements. His ass feels very hot because he has sit in that chair for hours. Daren decided to walk towards the large windows in his office and observe the crowded London city during the day.

Drt drt drt.

Daren’s cell phone voice made the mant, wether want it or not, moved toward his desk to retrieve a square object that is ringing loudly in his office.

“What?” asked Daren directly to the caller. The man from across the line greet Daren first and then after that he provided some information to Daren.

“Mr. Alden, we just get the information that one of the ships belonging to the biggest brothel in the United States will make a port tomorrow afternoon. According to the information, the ship will bring dozens of women who will be sold on the black market in London. ”

“United States of America? Hmm, this is interesting, this is the first time I met with the brothel from the United States. Do not do anything, this time we will follow their game first. Continue to deliver the latest information to me! ”

“Yes, Mister. We will always provide the latest information for you. ”


The line ended. Daren put his cell phone on his desk and stared blankly at the blue sky wich become the background of London city during the day.

“I have a plan.” Daren murmur was barely a whisper.



Ruby and Janice walked side by side together to the bus stop located in front of their school. Janice and Ruby occasionally exchanged a joke that will make them laugh out loud.

“You know, Mr. Cole was very funny, he liked to bite his fingers when he was panicked. Yesterday Mr. Cole kept biting his fingers because the principal scold him. It was oh so very funny,” Ruby told Janice with uncontrollable laughter. Beside her, Janice was also laughing like Ruby.

“Mr. Cole’s expression when he was scolded by the principal is definitely funny. But Mr Cole deserves to be rebuked, he abandoned us just because that Ms. Stevi asked him to fix her damaged bag. Mr. Cole was stupid,” commented Janice heartlessly. Ruby nodded her head, agreeing on Janice’s comments.

“Janice, you wiould go straight to your home, or you want to come to the bookstore with me?” offered Ruby while sitting in the bus stop’s chair. Janice thought for a moment and then she shook her head.

“No, maybe some other time,” Janice replied with a cheery smile. Not long after, the bus came. That pretty girl then waved to Ruby and soon disappeared behind the closed door of the bus.


Bobby paced in front of the apartment door, holding his cell phone in dismay. This time his mind was frantic and panicked. He needs the money, but he can not do anything until Janice returned from school.

Drt drt drt.

Bobby’s cell phone vibrated. Quickly, the man picked it up and said with panic to the person on the other line.

“Doctor, I beg you. Perform the operation now. I promise, after this I will immediately pay for the operation . Do not let her death. I beg you. I love her very much,” said Bobby with reddening eyes.

“All right, but you must complete the administration as soon as possible,” agreed the doctor. Bobby sighed in relief, then he hung up the phone.

Bobby heard the apartment door opened. He could seee Janice outsid the house,looking very tired while carrying a heavy shoppingbags.

“Bob, you are still home?” asked Janice surprised. It is unsual for Bobby to be in the house at an afternoon time like this.

“I have business with you,” Bobby replied, cold and flat. Janice frowned, confused, then she walked past Bobby to put the bag on the kitchen table.

“What is it Bro?” asked Janice, arranging groceries into the kitchen set. Bobby moved closer to Janice and stopping Janice’s movement in arranging the groceries.

“Come with me,” said Bobby, pulling Janice hand. Janice did not move an inch from her place. The girl was actually motionless, looking at Bobby’s back from behind.

“Where would you take me, brother?”

“There is a job for you. You said you would help me and would not make me tired from working, aren’t you?” asked Bobby seemingly impatient. Janice nodded her head slowly and looked at Bobby’s face uncertainly.

“What kind of work would brother give me? Should I change from my school uniform first? ”

“No, this work will be very promising for you. You will be employed in London. You want to continue your study in London right? This is your chance to reach it,” said Bobby sounded convincing. The doubts that was shown on Janice’s face faded gradually and replaced with a twinkle of happiness on her face.

“Really, big bro? Thank you,” said Janice happily and hugged Bobby tightly. Bobby immediately released that hug and told Janice to rush.

“Big bro, I need to prepare clothes and some papers to go abroad,” Janice was panicked because she has not prepared anything.

“That’s not necessary, I have prepared everything. You only need to arrive at the port before six o’clock in the evening. ”

“Big bro, we need to hurry,” Said Janice while glancing at the watch on her wrist. It is five in the afternoon , that means they still have an hour until their appointed time to be arrived at the port.

“Come on.”

Bobby Janice led the way out of the apartment door. Behind him Janice looks happy as she continued to trail Bobby to the taxi.


Max slammed the phone wich had been in his hand to the table’s surface. He looked very angry and messed up. He was just getting news that the delivery is threatened to be canceled due to the customs and port security authorities will conduct an examination to all of the ships in the morning. Max can not cancel the delivery of the women. He would lose a lot if that happens.

“Steve! Tell Rey, if we would still send those women now. We can not wait until tomorrow morning. ”

“Understood, Boss. And what about Bobby? He still had one lady whom we would sell to London,” said Steve as he stared at Max.

“You just take it easy. Bobby’s already en route to the port. ”

“You did not want to see the woman who was taken by Bobby, Boss?”

“No need. I’m sure the woman who was bought by Bobby is definitely interesting and beautiful. I still have a lot of work to do and also, these cannabis-marijuana is still waiting for my touch. ”

“Okay, I’ll see Rey,” said Steve as he rushed out of that dark and stuffy room.


Janice kept looking at the views of the harbor without the slightest suspicion on Bobby. She’d been following Bobby’s width steps while imagining how the hustle of London that she would see tomorrow morning. Janice didn’t think that apparently Bobby was so concerned about her future. During this time Janice also felt Bobby was too cold to her. But, even so Janice still love Bobby sincerely.

“Big brother Bob, where is the ship you meant?” Asked Janice who was began to felt tired. They’d been running and running without stopping at one of the ships they’ve encountered.

“The ship at that end is the ship that will take you to London,”  Bobby pointed large ship with the uglest shape in the harbor.

“That doesn’t look convincing,” Janice muttered in surprise. But she was soon get rid of those bad thoughts and choose to accelerate the pace that has lagged far behind Bobby.

Upon Janice’s and Bobby’s arrival near the ship, Bobby immediately being called by Steve and Rey. They had been looking forward to the arrival of Bobby and Janice.

“Do you bring the goods?” Steve asked as he examined Janice’s body one by one. Being the center of the attention, Janice felt uncomfortable and embarrassed.

“I had already sold her to the boss. You could do whatever you want to her, “replied Bobby lightly. Janice frowned in confusion with all the conversation that Bobby’s spoken to the stranger in front of him.

“Bob, what is this actually? What kind of job you would give me in London? ”

“Sweetheart, you better get inside immediately. The ship would leave soon, ” said Steve as he pulled Janice’s hand immediately went inside the ship. Janice actually wanted to say a short goodbye to Bobby, another two men suddenly also dragged her to get into the ship.

“This is a bonus for you. The boss really appreciate all of your services. ”

Bobby received a brown envelope from Rey and looked at Janice’s body briefly before she disappeared entirely behind the door of the ship.

“Thank you. I wish you luck with those women,” said Bobby with his evil grin. Rey lifted his hat and went into the ship with another members of the brothel.



Janice gaped in disbelief as she watched dozens of women were huddled in a narrow and stuffy container. Janice’s body was thrown into the container, then two muscular men who had dragged her immediately shut the container’s door tightly.

“What’s this?” asked Janice to herself. She was like a dazed woman who does not understand anything. Everything is too complicated for Janice digest in that smart brain of her.

“We’re going to be sold.”

Suddenly, a brown-skinned woman answered the question. Janice looked at her and seated herself beside the brown-skinned woman who answered the question.

“I’m Miranda Stein, what is your name?” asked the woman holding out her hand. Janice take that hand and smiled sweetly at Miranda.

“I’m Janice, nice to meet you.” said Janice sincerely.

“You look very young, are you a student?”

“Not really, I’ve finished exams and will graduate next week. Do you know what they will do to us?” asked Janice, studying the women in her sorrounding. Miranda nodded and started to open her mouth to answer Janice’s question.

“We will be sold and hired to serve philanderers in London.”

“What? We will become a prostitute? “asked Janice disbelief. Miranda nodded her head again and looked at Janice with concern.

“I hope you are not surprised by any of this.”

Janice froze in disbelief staring at all the women who were in the box. Janice weeping inwardly knowing the truth of the facts she had just heard. It turns out that her beloved brother have heart to sell her to a group of men whom she did not know to get a lot of money. Janice weeping in silence. She simply could not imagine how about her fate tomorrow. Would she still be a good girl or would she turn into a prostitute that will serve men?

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